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Top 10 Fears I Really Have and No Longer Wish to Really Have

Behold the humiliating and minuscule fears of a real adult woman.

10. Accidentally walking into some sort of improvised flashmob-type situation where a bunch of naked women are just laying there with their legs open. This is a recurring nightmare and I can’t begin to tell you how it ruins a day from morning to night, but it does.

9. No longer being able to tell the difference between meat and cheese. At parties, you’re the one saying, “I don’t know! They’re the same to me!”

8. Spiders. And you know what, fuck them! They’re tiny as fuck.

7. Cats biting me. Fuck that, too. I could bite a cat. You know what, I WANT a cat to bite me now. Just so it can NOT see what’s it’s GOT COMING TO IT.


Being a girl is awesome at all ages, and it’s super unfortunate that teenagers and young girls in general are so often left out of feminist conversations. Being in college doesn’t make you any better or smarter than teenagers; even being a CEO of some Fortune 500 company doesn’t make you any better or smarter than teenagers. Teenage girls don’t live in Girl World that’s contained in the hallways of high schools and in the blogosphere. They live in the Real World, they’re part of the Real World. Their perspectives are as important as those of women of all ages, if not more important because they’re among the most marginalized. Girls deserve spaces to express themselves in the Real World too.
Ty Slobe, Why intergenerational feminism matters (via sparkamovement)
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